When someone is driven to become a Delirious Saviour, he operates under the delusion that he’s been endowed with special insights or powers. He comes to believe, for example, that he must have survived the attack from the horrible Beastman because some God has chosen him to end human suffering by turning turnips into gold. And if allowed to use his insights or powers, the person is convinced he will be able to perform miraculous deeds for the betterment of the world.[1a]

Some examples of insights include: how to cure all disease, rid the world of poverty, purify mutants, feed the hungry, end war, and abolish money. In these cases the afflicted person rambles on about his bizarre, grandiose, impractical and nonsensical insights to the above problems to whoever will listen. He’ll also write long, incoherent treatises on his subject and try to get them published.[1a]

Examples of powers include: perform all of the above acts by touch, cast spells, use mental powers (mind-reading, pyrokinesis, telepathy), walk on water, fly, become invulnerable to harm, and invent amazing machines. In these cases the individual believes he possesses the power innately, and will always behave so even in the face of overwhelming evidence he has no powers at all.[1a]

A person who believes he possesses special powers is frequently viewed as mad. So is a person who makes outrageous claims based on incoherent ramblings. Both types often find themselves in dangerous situations as a result of their disorder. However, there are some, mostly other unfortunates whose minds have long snapped, who may follow a Delirious Saviour on his delusional quest.[1a]


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