The Deepwatch are both the first and last line of defence between Tobaro and the threats it faces from below. The city authorities paint service in the Deepwatch as glamorous, a life of heroics and adventure in the tunnels beneath the city.[1a]

In truth it is anything but—service in the Deepwatch is distinctly unglamorous, with long days spent in the dark, damp, and cramped conditions. It is hazardous work with risks from natural hazards such as gas explosions, getting lost in the dark, or caught in cave-ins. Not to forget, of course, that the fairy tales about monsters in the depths are in fact true.[1b]

The potential rewards are substantial; a well kept secret amongst the Deepwatch are the occasional hoards of ancient treasure to be found in the deeper caves, all of which goes straight into the pockets of the finders. It is this that has earned them the nickname “the Deep-pockets,” and not the characteristic over-generosity exhibited by a Deepwatcher upon surviving long enough to collect his next pay check.[1b]

The Deepwatch Commander is a Middenheim ex-patriot named Oldar Wulfberg, a seemingly gruff and cheerless authority figure at first encounter, but proves to have a razor sharp sense of humour once he lets down his guard.[1b]

The Deepwatch is made up of those too caught-up in the tales of adventure and glory to pay heed to the inherent dangers, or those too desperate to care. The Deepwatch are in essence a guild of professional adventurers, with groups dispatched into the tunnels beneath the city to keep them clear from monsters and stop any creatures from reaching the city. It’s a dangerous job, all right, but somebody has to do it.[1b]


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