Wh2 dlc11 cst deck gunners

A Deck Gunner team.[1]

Deck Gunners are ranged units used by the Zombie Pirates of the Vampire Coast, comprised of two Zombies carrying heavy black-powder weapons.


Clunky, cumbersome, and with bone-shattering recoil, it takes the heftiest of crewmen to operate the mounted swivel guns commonly seen mounted on the decks of warships and pirate ships of the world's seas. In the field, they are seldom used by the armies of the living, since very few mortals possess the strength and bravery required to carry and use a firearm which for all its destructive advantages, is prone to explosive failure due to imperfect castings or poorly mixed black powder. For the zombies of the Undead pirate hordes, however, the prerequisites of bodily strength and bravery are no hindrance, since the reanimated possess supernatural motor functions and mindlessly carry out the will of their masters. So it is not uncommon to see Deck Gunners of zombie pirate crews haul their massive volley guns into a land confrontation in two-zombie teams, frenziedly firing directly into crowds of ill-fated victims.[1]



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