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A Deck Dropper.[1]

Deck Droppers are a bizarre, but effective unit used by the Zombie Pirates of the Vampire Coast, comprised of a Fell Bat carrying a rotting Zombie in its talons.


When Undead pirate fleets attack on the open ocean, the first thing their victims commonly see are the hideous, flying horrors known as Deck Droppers, appearing in advance of their masters’ ships to pepper enemies with bullets from above. A Deck Dropper comprises of a bloodthirsty Fell Bat and firearm-wielding zombie ‘rider’, or more accurately, a zombie being unwittingly suspended from the Fell Bat’s talons, slightly disorientated but not without the wherewithal to fire its hand cannon. Before an attack, the Fell Bats hang in a dormant state from the topmost spars high in the rigging of Undead fleets until stirred by the anticipation that the coppery tang of blood is about to fill the air. Diving amongst their own ranks to grab a zombie, they swoop above the bedlam of battle as their passenger uses their better vantage point to fire round after round into the groups of enemies below.[1]


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