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Dechala, the Denied One.

Dechala the Denied One, also called the Favoured Concubine, is a heavily-mutated Chaos Champion of Slaanesh and a former Asur princess. She leads the Tak'neisen, the Tormentors, one of the most powerful warbands of Slaanesh in the Chaos Wastes.[1][2]


Dechala was born in Nagarythe as the daughter of An-Toralis, a mighty warrior who fought at the side of Aenarion. Her beauty was said to be so exquisite that the Daemon Prince Samael was attracted by her and pursued Dechala and her family across Ulthuan. The daemon promised her family to leave them alone if they would hand Dechala over to him. Eventually, her father relented, leaving his daughter to the daemon.[1][2]

Instead of abusing her and consuming her soul, Samael chose to corrupt the princess to make her beauty his forever. Dechala, fearful of the daemon and bitter at her family for betraying her, became a willing servant. In exchange for to power to revenge herself on her family, she agreed to marry him. When she slaughtered her family, Slaanesh's gaze fell upon her, inviting the jealousy of her husband on her. Dechala dedicated herself to the Lord of Excess and eventually fled from her husband into the Chaos Wastes. When Samael complained before Slaanesh, the chaos god reprimanded his servant for his arrogance, but offered him a compromise: If Dechala was to return to him on her own volition, Samael could do with her what he pleased. If she did not and Samael still existed, she would never ascend to daemonhood.[1][2]

Since that time, Dechala has lead armies of Slaanesh in battle against the other Chaos Gods, but she still feel bitter about the fact that, no matter how many enemies she slays, she will never join Slaanesh as a daemon prince as long as Samael exists.[1][2]

Dechala is mutated beyond recognition: Her skin is milk white, her legs have been replaced by a sinuous tail ending in a scorpion-like sting dripping with poison and she sports six arms, each armed with a weapon. Her deep blue eyes glow with an inner light, promising pain and pleasure in equal measure.[1][2]

End Times

Dechala appeared during the End Times, where she played a minor role in attacking the Druchii. She was ultimately slain by Tyrion, in his form as the Incarnate of Light.


  • The Elixir of Damnation: The Elixir of Damnation mutates its victims, leaving him in the grip of pain and ecstasy, unable to oppose Dechala.[1a]


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