Nurgle Plaguecrusher

A Nurgle Deathgalley (right) beside a Nurgle Plaguecrusher

Along the mighty Men O' War of the Plaguefleet are their misguided followers, sailing in a rag-tag assortment of battered and battle-scarred vessels. Their ships' sails are painted in the colours of their hellish masters, proclaiming the crazed and desperate cut-throats' allegiance to the Four Lords of Damnation.[1a]

The greatest of these depraved warriors lead their squadrons into battle, hoping for glory and rewards from their overlords. Their only rescue from oblivion is in promotion to the rank of Chaos Warrior, serving aboard the mighty vessels of Khorne, Nurgle, Slaanesh and Tzeentch that they follow. The dregs of these are the Chaos Spawn – gibbering, mindless automatons, hurled into the front line.[1a]

Each Deathgalley is crewed by Chaos Cultists.[1a]


  • Chaos Deathgalley


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