Karl Franz upon his mighty Griffon, Deathclaw.

Deathclaw is the loyal and personal mount of Emperor Karl Franz of the Empire and reputed to be the mightiest Griffon to have ever lived.[1a]


The egg that would hatch Deathclaw was taken in 2503 IC from the highest peak of the Grey Mountains by the Wood Elves and given as a gift to Karl Franz.[2a] It is said that Karl Franz himself hatched Deathclaw (a notion that was lewdly caricatured by the cartoonists of the Empire's seditious news-sheets)[3a], and certainly the Emperor was the one who raised the young Griffon.[1a]

Because of this, a powerful bond exists between the beast and its master, one forged in countless battles and many adventures. The Griffon is eternally loyal to his master. During the Battle of Blood Keep, Deathclaw stood over the prone form of the wounded Emperor for three hours, slaying any who came near until the Reiksguard could hack a path to their fallen Lord.[1a]

Due to the beast's honourable nature, Deathclaw frequently flies freely above the capital-city of Altdorf, returning dutifully to his cage come nightfall, much to the relief of the capital's citizenry.[1a]


  • 8th Edition.
  • 4th Edition.


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