"Understanding from the outset that yours is a suicide mission focuses the murine mind on the murderous task at hand."
The Death Runners of Clan Eshin.[2]
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A Death Runner.[1]

Death Runners are among the elite of Clan Eshin, standing between the Gutter Runners and Assassins in rank.


Most suspicious deaths and acts of espionage in Skaven society are blamed on the nefarious Clan Eshin. Such accusations are probably true, but, of course, there is no evidence. Much of this devastation is wrought by the Gutter Runners, Clan Eshin's black-clad death squads. Death Runners are the elite among their ranks, having excelled at the mysterious Far Eastern fighting styles for which Gutter Runners are known and demonstrated enough wherewithal and self-determination to lead. Because of their ability to bend and contort their pliable bodies with a speed and dexterity unachievable by man, Death Runners have no need for encumbering armour - they simply dodge the blows and missile of their foes.[1]


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