"Developed by Clan Skryre, these poisoned-wind globes contain an even more virulent strain of deadly gas."
The poisonous Death Globe.[1]
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A Death Globe Bombardier.[1]

Death Globe Bombardiers are a deadlier variant of the more common Poisoned-Wind Globadiers.


Death Globes are glass or crystal orbs filled with deadly Warpstone gas, like Poisoned-Wind Globes but far more potent. When thrown, the sphere shatters, releasing billowing clouds so lethal that mere skin contact can cause severe pain or even death. Breathing the vapours causes lungs to spontaneously fill with bubbling pus - a horrible and nearly instantaneous death. For this reason, Bombardiers wear all manner of elaborate masks, goggles and cumbersome rebreathing apparatus in an effort to protect themselves against accidental gassing. Armour offers no protection against poisoned gas, but this does not stop the Bombardiers from wearing arcane body armour underneath their robes.[1]


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