The shantytown of Deadgate is a settlement that grew outside the gates of the ruined Dwarf Hold Karak Azgal, filled with cutthroats and adventurers of many races looking to make their fortune deep in the monster-infested dungeons of the Dragon Crag.[1a]

Over time, the Dwarfs encouraged the development of this town in an effort to keep some of the riff-raff of the Old World out of Skalf's Hold. The result was the formation of a rough and tumble place at the foot of the hill leading up to the hold. Consisting of wooden buildings, most poorly constructed and hastily built, it is the first stop for those arriving in Karak Azgal.[1a]

Deadgate is home to many vices. Travellers come to Karak Azgal just to indulge themselves in the city's many diversions. Given the constant influx of immigrants and the wealth recovered from the ruins, opportunists have devised many ways for adventures to spend their hard-earned coin. [1b]

Gambling, naturally, is everywhere, from card and dice games, to bets on pit-fighting and dead pools -- bets placed on groups of adventurers to see who will die first. Alcohol flows freely, from stout Dwarfen ales to the finest Elf wines (though these are taxed), and many academics and wizards come to this place to sample illicit potions and draughts that promise to expand their minds. [1b]

For those of a sinister bent, the most dangerous poisons can be found in the shadowy alleys and in the back rooms of taverns and even temples. But Karak Azgal offers finery as well. Excellent apparel, jewellery, weapons, and armour are available to those who can meet their high prices. Karak Azgal has everything a hard-bitten adventurer could want, and far more.[1b]


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