Not to be confused with the Dead Wood found in north-western Naggaroth.

Dead Wood

Forming the southern border of Ostermark is a reputedly haunted forest known as the Dead Wood. The reason for its sinister reputation is that somewhere in its depths lie the ruins of Mordheim, a city so corrupted, so foul, Sigmar shattered it on the anvil of the earth. The Dead Wood is completely uninhabitable, and nothing, not even the lowliest vermin can live here long.[1a]

The trees are skeletal, dead leaves clinging to the dry branches. When the wind blows through the area, it sounds of rattling bones, and the rustling leaves hiss dry laughter. Whilst passing through or skirting the edges of the forest, travellers may hear faint screams coming from somewhere in its depths. Going to investigate can lead them into all sorts of trouble, for who can say what they will find? One thing is certain; mutation is the least of their problems.[1a]


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