When Dazh’s Flint is touched to a flammable object, such as tinder, cloth, hair (though not flesh), or paper, it automatically catches flame.[1a]


This odd wedge-shaped piece of volcanic rock was uncovered in the Dark Lands by Grugni Goldfinder—a famous Dwarf treasure hunter. He believed he found a tooth of Dazh, the Kislev God of Fire and the Sun, for it ignited whatever it touched. Dropping it into his pack, he travelled back to his home, but once he arrived and looked inside of his pack, he discovered to his dismay that the Flint had burned its way through his clothes, making a hole in the bottom of his pack. Though long lost, it is still highly sought by the Bright Wizards and word is, they'll pay a handsome reward for those who can safely bring it to them.[1b]


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