Day of Folly

One of the few holidays recognised in Ranald’s name, commoners and nobles alike cherish the Day of Folly, though it is seriously frowned upon by the stern or ascetic. On this day (10th of Sommerzeit), social conventions are turned on their heads, and those in charge act as servants whilst servants are treated as lords of the manor. Revels occur in the streets, as people wear colourful outfits and outlandish masks to conceal their identities (often quite poorly). Drinking, song, and harmless pranks are the norm. While this is an opportunity for authority figures to feel a bit of the sting that they often put others through, few accept much in the way of abuse from their inferiors, who must be careful in what they say or do. As Cultists of Sigmar often say: “it’s not the Day of Folly that matters, it’s the day after that does.[1a]


The Day of Folly shares many elements with the real world holiday: the Festival of Fools, also known as "Opposite Day".


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