"The heirs of Gilles le Breton will always uphold the honour of Bretonnia, no matter how far others may fall."
Sir Darrepin the Furious on Bastonne.[1]

Sir Darrepin the Furious is a very young Knight Errant, barely started on his career.


Despite his title, Darrepin isn't furious at all; he just thinks the name makes him sound more impressive. He is the fourth son of a household knight at the court of a relatively small landholder in northern Bastonne, quite near the Mousillon border, and he has no hopes of inheritance beyond the knightly equipment he was given when he came of age.[1]

Partly for that reason, and partly because he wants to show the world that the spirit of the Grail Companions is not dead, he set out into the world, determined to show his prowess. He is earnest, enthusiastic, energetic, and prone to getting well in over his head. He also seems possessed of uncanny luck that gets him out of trouble again.[1]

Sir Darrepin takes a slightly condescending attitude to foreigners, being convinced that Bretonnians are superior. He is astonishingly good at rationalising away evidence to the contrary. However, he is not hostile and takes his duty to protect his inferiors as seriously as he takes everything else. Sir Darrepin can be encountered absolutely anywhere, singing the praises of Bretonnia, particularly of Bastonne.[1]


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