The Darkstone Ring is a malign monument in Reikland, north of Blutroch near the Altdorf-Bögenhafen road.[1a][1b] It consists of six suggestively-carved standing stones arranged in a ring, and a sacrificial slab of unidentifiable rock in the center.[1b]

At night, the ring's six stones glow green. Their brightness seems to be tied to Morrslieb's phase- when the Chaos Moon is full, they shine brightly. It is said that the slab in the center of the monument has been used as a sacrificial altar for millennia. The unholy power of the site seems to draw beastmen and cultists, particularly around Geheimnisnacht. Rumours and legends of powerful artefacts also lure brave or foolish adventurers to the area.[1b]

Sometime before 2505 IC, the heroes Gotrek and Felix found themselves at the Darkstone Ring on Geheimnisnacht, where they did battle with mutants, beastmen, and cultists of Slaanesh, eventually foiling a daemon summoning.[2]


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