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This article contains information regarding the End Times, the actual canon ending of Warhammer.
"So die all who defy the will of the Horned Rat!"
Darkh'dwel, upon killing Valten[1b]

Unbeknownst to the Grand Warlord Skrazslik, his recent good fortune had not been all of his own making. A shrouded presence followed his every footstep – a Verminlord Deceiver that possessed its own dark designs. Having flitted ahead of its true quarry, it had attached itself to Skrazslik and preemptively ended several attempts upon his life. The Verminlord did this because it hoped that the warlord presented the best chance of reducing the city above to blazing anarchy. Now, however, Archaon has come, the gates of Middenheim yawned wide, and warriors clashed in the blazing streets. Darkh'dwel no longer had need of Skrazslik, and so had abandoned him to pursue its true agenda.[1a]

Darkh'dwel seems to have been the same Verminlord Deceiver that beheaded Valten, Herald of Sigmar, in the midst of his duel to the death against Archaon. After the decapitation, the Deceiver escaped in a swirl of shadow before Gregor Martak could retaliate with the remaining fury of Ulric, leaving nothing but laughter on the wind.[1b]


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