Dark Pegasus

The Dark Pegasi are corrupted versions of normal Pegasi, native to the Chaos Wastes. They fly south into Naggaroth's Iron Mountains to make their nests. It is from these eyries that the Dark Elves steal young Pegasi to serve as steeds, knowing that the adults are too savage to be trained. The majority of these young Dark Pegasi are sold in Ghrond, for such beasts are favored as steeds by the Druchii Sorceresses but may also be ridden by Dreadlords. The only named Dark Pegasus is Sulephet, that of Morathi, the Hag Sorceress.[1b]

Dark Pegasi are bat-winged denizens of the Chaos Wastes that migrate south to make their nests in the highest peaks of the Iron Mountains of Naggaroth. A Dark Pegasus is a swift and certain hunter, able to soar upon thermals for hour upon hour, patiently tracking its prey. Only when the quarry is at its most vulnerable does the Dark Pegasus launch into a swooping dive, its jagged horns aimed to impale. Although all pegasi are formidable fighters at need, only the Dark Pegasus seems to revel in combat. They are aggressive and kick out their front hooves in an effort to intimidate their foes.[2a]


They would appear as great, black steeds were it not for two unique features:

  • Two horns, one greater than the other, which protrude from their heads. These are used to impale prey and enemies. These horns are organic, unlike the metallic grafts attached to the warhorses of the knights of the Empire and Bretonnia.
  • Bat-like wings used for flight. Dark Pegasi fly at the altitude of mountains.


  • It is said that Nethu, the Gatekeeper of Mirai, commands a host of Dark Pegasi from his dark fortress.[1a]



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