Manticore Lord

Dark Elf Manticore Lord

Deep within the Black Arks of the Dark Elves lurk many hideous monsters. Amongst these are Manticores: vast, hideous bat-winged monsters, with the body of an immense lion, vicious talons and the tail of a giant scorpion. It is rumoured that these flying monsters are distant relatives of noble Griffons of the Imperial Army, but cruelly twisted and distorted after thousands of years in the service of their dark lords.[1a]

The Manticores' riders – the Dark Elf Manticore Lords – are held in high esteem amongst their kin, as the beasts are so vicious and unpredictable that only iron discipline and many years of training allow Dark Elf warriors to control them.[1a]

In battle, the soul-tearing sound of the screeching of Manticores carries down to the enemy ships as the hover above the seascape. Once the Dark Elf Manticore Lords have selected their target, the Manticores fold their wings close into their bodies and plummet towards them. At the last second, the Manticore releases a huge, barbed sphere cast of meteoric iron. Known as the Deathfist, this vicious projectile smashes into the target's hull, causing massive amounts of damage.[1a]


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