"These are troubled times for the Order of Morr—and for the Empire. The Undead are restless—not just in Sylvania—but also in the Reikland, Middenland, and Ostland. They recruit servants from the living on an unprecedented scale, foolish pawns who believe their foul masters will reward them in death."
Grand Abbot Darius Geistwächt[1a]

Darius Geistwächt is Grand Abbot of Blessed Aethelbert within Siegfriedhof. Even before he joined the Fellowship of the Shroud, he suffered from Knives of Memory and Profane Persecutions, due to childhood trauma wrought by the Skaven.[1b]

Darius wears long, hooded, black robes that conceal his hands and feet. A medallion of the Raven hangs about his neck, and he keeps a prayer book of Morr nearby.[1b]


Though Geistwächt was only a boy at the time, he vividly recalls the destruction of Old Siegfriedhof in 2464 IC. Since then, the abbot has been plagued nightly with horrible dreams of Skaven atrocities. At the sight of a rat, Geistwächt smashes it with his mace and orders the abbey to full alert. On certain days, the nightmares overwhelm him, and Geistwächt locks himself in his study. Geistwächt has inadvertently created a climate of fear and paranoia around Siegfriedhof. Geistwächt constantly warns against "them" coming, but nobody is exactly sure who "them" refers to. When asked directly about "them," Geistwächt reminds the questioner that "they" have ears everywhere.[1b]


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