Cst damned paladin 0

Portrait of a Damned Paladin.[1]

Damned Paladins are the resurrected spirits of the disgraced Bretonnian Knights and Paladins who accompanied Cylostra Direfin during her ill-fated voyage.


Many decades ago, Cylostra was the favourite court singer of Bretonnian royalty, a renowned performer for Kings, rich nobles, and eminent stately guests. Her sense of self-importance could not be understated – whenever she travelled across the lands of chivalry to give her performances, she did so with a huge entourage made up of servants and attendants who would cater to her every whim.[1]

Part of this accompanying group were the unfortunate Knights and Paladins assigned to protect her on her travels, a job typically given as punishment for a misdeed or any unchivalrous behaviour that was not quite worthy of execution. Now long-dead, in life these formidable horsemen could not save Cylostra from her ultimate fate of drowning in the sinking Lamprey all those years ago, but her vengeful soul sometimes calls upon their spirits to return from the afterlife to serve her in the tangible world once more.[1]


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