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"Come to me. Come to me! You know it is what you have always desired. All your life till now has been a desperate dream of me... awaken! Awaken, and come to me, for your reward awaits in my arms..."
Leshtrigell, Daemonette.[3a]

The Deamonettes of Slaanesh.

Daemonettes, known also as the Children of Slaanesh, the Debauched Ones, the Bringers of Joyous Degredation and the Decadent Seekers are the most numerous of all Slaanesh's servants.


Daemonettes are shrouded in a hypnotic glamour, seditious magics that bestow their repulsive features with perverse beauty. None can say what unearthly delights a Daemonette is believed to pleasure the soul with but, upon the reeking field of battle, pain is the gift they bring. Daemonettes surge across the battlefield on lithe legs, the whorls of pigment from their gaudy tattoos forming dizzying fractals of colour and shape. Capering troupes of the perverse creatures dance from foe to foe, claw-hands slicing through flesh and armour to bestow a savage and sensation-filled death upon the foe.[1a]

Existing only to serve his twisted will, in some ways they are extensions of the Prince of Pleasure, exulting in the sensual experiences they enjoy and inflicting pain to excite their depraved sensibilities. Though they are often used as soldiers of Slaanesh in war, on occasion, the Serpent may bestow one of these creatures onto a mortal as some kind of perverse gift that almost always kills its recipient. Like all creatures of the Lord of Pain and Pleasure, Daemonettes are horrific and disturbing beings. No right-thinking creature should find beauty in these merciless killers, and yet these Daemons somehow transfix and beguile onlookers, bending them to their unspeakable will.[2a]

They have creamy, pale skin and large, emerald pools for eyes, but instead of hair, most have horny bone ridges. Instead of hands, their arms end in scythe-like talons, much like a crab’s claw. These man-sized Daemons stand upon two legs that end in two-toed feet fitted with black talons. Given their grotesque appearances, it’s hard to imagine these beings as seducers. History has proved time and again that their entrancing presence and honeyed words have lured many a mortal to an agonising death. The Daemonette transfixes the weak-willed as a snake charms a mouse, drawing ever closer, moving surely, forming sensual words on her perfect lips, deluding, seducing, until she can plunge her talons into her foe. As the mortal dies, his life-blood spilling out in torrents, she laughs the thrill of the kill and the ecstasy and pain of the mortal's death titillating her capricious whim.[2a]



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