"Phaw. That weren’t so tough. Wake me when we find something worthy of my axe."
Anonymous Daemon Slayer[1a]

In every generation there are one or two Slayers who cannot seem to find the death they crave. At every turn, destiny cheats them or perhaps, drives them forward, and as the long years pass, they grow more and more fierce, determined to find the mighty doom that awaits them. When neither Trolls, Giants nor Dragons can fell a Slayer, he takes on the mightiest foes of all: the Daemons of Chaos. Daemon Slayers are frightening individuals. They are barely sane at best, the shame of their continuing survival weighing ever on their thoughts, yet they're also among the greatest warriors that the Old World has ever known.[1a]

A Slayer Finally Meets his Doom

When a daemon slayer finally meets his doom, his surviving companions are left to decide how to honour him. It would certainly be remiss of them not to contact the Dwarf's family and old associates to tell them of the manner of his passing.[1a]

Such a journey could be perilous in itself, as the dwarf holds lie in remote mountainsides. The reception may not be a warm one either, and if the news is not good (for example the slayer may have died in a dishonourable manner – by accident or in combat with an unworthy foe) the dwarfs might hold it against the messenger.[1a]


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