Da Beadyeyes and Da Blackbowz

Da Beadyeyes and Da Blackbowz

To any outside the Moonclaws, these two rival mobs of night goblin archers were interchangeable. Da Beadyeyes were notorious for their ability to pincushion their targets, even in the darkest conditions. Squinting red eyes adorn their banner, a symbol often mocked by their rivals, the Blackbowz. The Blackbowz were led by Frik, a notorious skulking liar much admired for his ability to shirk duty and stretch the truth to preposterous levels. Following the Battle of the Mushroom Fields the mob began to use distinct black and red feathers to fletch their arrows. They hoped that this would prevent them from being accused of shooting the wrong target in the future – for they insist it was Da Beadyeyes who fired repeatedly into mobs fighting for their own side.[1a]


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