Dark Elf Pantheonic Mandala

The Dark Elves' Pantheonic Mandala.

The Cytharai represent the Elven Gods of the Mirai (the mythical Elven Underworld), as opposed to the Cadai of said-pantheon. Morai-heg is sometimes said to be part of the Cadai, Cytharai or neither.

Among the High Elves, worship of the Cytharai is at best frowned upon, and worship of some of them is outright banned. Khaine is only worshipped by High Elven warriors before battle, High Elf warriors ask Khaine for strength but are wary of letting his bloodthirsty influence sway them too much. High Elven sailors pay respect to Mathlann, for none can ignore the power of the sea.

The Wood Elves place Kurnous and Isha (both Cadai) most highly but do not restrict worship of the other gods, including the Cytharai.

The Dark Elves revel in the worship of the Cytharai. The most powerful cult in their land is the Cult of Khaine. Many pray to Ereth Khial to take their souls in the afterlife - seeing eternal sevitude as better than oblivion at the hands of Slaanesh. Bloodwrack Medusae are supposedly cursed by Atharti. Sorceresses often pay respect to Hekarti. Dark Elf corsairs pay respect to Mathlann, for none can ignore the power of the sea.

In all societies, those Elves consumed by a secret desire for vengeance often worship Drakira in secret.

List of Cytharai

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