The tome known only as the Cursed Book was written by the mad Necromancer Har-ak-Iman, said to be the most depraved man to have ever lived. His vileness radiates from the Cursed Book, draining life and energy from all living beings. Each page contains a powerful curse that can cripple and demoralise those nearby, though once read, they fade from sight until the light of Morrslieb is cast upon them.[1a]

This book can be used to cast certain spells from the Winds of Magic, notably Ulgu's "Melkah's Mystifying Miasma," "the Enfeebling Foe," and "the Withering;" Shyish's "Soulblight" and "Doom and Darkness," and Azyr's "Curse of the Midnight Wind."[1a]


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