The Tomb Kings of Khemri are well-known for their efforts in protecting their last resting places with intricate traps, tricks, and magical wards to ensure their successful journey to life after death. Many of their Priests were not only very knowledgeable about how to mummify a corpse but also how to mix rare herbs and potions. Most scholars believe this disease was created by the Priests of Khemri at the request of the Tomb Kings. To ensure any tomb raiders would receive their proper punishment, the Priests sprinkled the contagion-laden powder throughout a crypt before it was sealed. Anyone entering the tomb would inhale the powder and succumb to the disease. A few days after being exposed to the dust, the victim begins to suffer paranoid delusions, feeling absolutely certain that retribution will be visited upon him for despoiling a sacred tomb. Everyone appears to be an enemy, even friends and family members. Victims often commit suicide or are sent to an insane asylum before they can shake off the effects of the illness. It is possible for the disease to spread to anyone that touches items coated with the powder that have been removed from a tomb.[1a]

Khemri scholars believe this disease may have been one of the reasons for the madness that devastated the kingdom under the rule of Ankenat I. This king’s short-lived reign ended almost overnight as legends say that a murderous uprising occurred, and thousands were slain. Another outbreak was reported in Nuln when the famous explorer Hans der Kartur returned from Khemri to display the treasures he had uncovered from King Ankamun’s tomb. Hans was forced to leave the city when over 100 people who had seen his items on display went mad.[1a]


Victims of this disease suffer from the paranoid delusion that they have been cursed by the Tomb Kings of Khemri for disturbing their crypts. Victims are certain they will be hunted down and killed in retribution for their deeds. While afflicted with the disease, the victim’s intelligence and willpower are halved. Many end up going on a murderous rampage in an effort to silence all those that might reveal them to their enemies. At the end of seven days, the victim must use their willpower to stop. If they are somewhat unsuccessful, the victim will attack anyone they meet until they themselves are slain. With even further failure, the victim commits suicide.[1a]


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