Warhammer Cult of the Red Crown

Sketch of a Red Crown Cultist, from the Liber Chaotica

The Cult of the Red Crown is thought to be the third most influential Chaos Cult within the Empire, coming behind the Cult of the Purple Hand, and the Cabal of Egrimm van Horstmann.[2b]

The Cult is very interested to know more about the Elven community in Laurelorn. These devotees of Tzeentch help raise and equip forces of Beastmen and mutants within the forests of the Empire, planning one day to unleash a mighty army that will sweep all before it. Many times their forces have been cut down by Elven arrows, and some members of the cult believe it's very important to wipe the Elves of Laurelorn out before they can muster their forces unmolested. Because of this they will be very keen to ‘talk’ to any kithband warriors they notice travelling about the Empire.[1a]


The Red Crown is surprisingly visible for an organisation dedicated to the Lord of Change. Where most other Tzeentchian cults tend to favour blackmail, intrigue and quiet subversion to attain their nefarious goals, the Red Crown is said to favour more direct and overtly militant methods to destabilise the lands of men. The Red Crown's seat of power is suspected to be in the capital city, Altdorf, but despite the best efforts of Sigmar's Templars and the Reiksguard to behead this damnable organisation, it always seems to remain as active and powerful as ever.[2b]

A fact of particular disgust to commanders of the Empire's armed forces is that the Red Crown seems to have remarkably close ties with the numerous bands of mutants and beastmen that exist just beyond the patrolled borders of the Empire's great forests. The Red Crown leaders can call upon considerable resources whenever the need arises, which is all too often. The Red Crown is known to have organised numerous cult insurrections and uprisings, including some of the worst incursions of beast-men and mutants into our lands. Some of the most crushing defeats that the armies of the Empire have ever suffered have borne the telltale marks of having been engineered by agents of the Red Crown. Not least amongst these stands the Massacre of Hendalle Grove, where three hundred soldiers and knights were ambushed and destroyed by hordes of mutants and beastmen during the yearly remembrance celebration at Hendalle. Most interestingly, heavily armoured and horrifyingly skilled warriors screaming cries of devotion to the War God, Khorne, joined the various mutants. This shows the greatest threat posed to us by the Red Crown and the servants of Tzeentch in general, in that it demonstrates their ability to either broker agreements with the forces of rival Chaos Gods, or simply manipulate them so that they serve the cult's needs.[2b]


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