Warhammer Culchan Plains

The Culchan Plains

The Culchan Plains are a large, open plain in the southern region of Lustria.[1a][2a]


To the south of the Temple-City of Oyxl, the jungles give way to a vast and fertile plain stretching many hundreds of miles to the southern-most extent of the continent of Lustria.[1a][2a]

This vast expanse of land has only been visited by a handful of explorers, and none can say what mysteries it has yet to reveal.[1a] The plains are named after their primary inhabitants, the huge flightless birds called Culchan[1a][2a] which, some explorers have claimed, provide vicious mounts for the warriors of the Amazon people[1a] and the Skinks that patrol around Oyxl, the Eternal City.[2b][3b] If any other peoples dwell upon the endless plains, they have yet to be encountered by explorers.[1a]

Slann Mage-Priests sometimes travel to Oyxl to sit upon the apex of the crumbling Great Pyramid, aligning themselves towards the south, whereby they are afforded an uninterrupted view up to the horizon and are able to cast their thoughts even further still. The endless plains are an eerie place, instilled with arcane mystery. Strange lights streak across the skies by night; perhaps it is some form of fallout from the terrible energies unleashed during the battles of the Great Catastrophe when Oyxl fell to the Daemons.[2a]


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