Culchans 2nd Edition illustration

A flock of Culchan.

Culchan are huge, vicious, flightless birds that live in the vast and fertile plains to the south of the Temple-City of Oyxl.[4a]


The Culchan is a huge, flightless, carnivorous bird that lives on the pampas grasslands of southern Lustria. It is prized by Pygmies and Lizardmen for its multi-coloured plumes and for its flesh, considered a delicacy by both races.[1a]

These unusual birds have strong legs and necks, whilst their head is similar to that of a parrot. Their beaks are exceptionally strong, and can easily crack a man's skull. Plumage is usually brown, but males in good condition grow a completely new set of colourful red and blue plumage, as well as long tails and crests. They reach 8 to 9 feet in height.[1a]

Culchan Mounts

Culchan Turtle Dragon Coatl 2nd Edition illustration

A Culchan, a Dragon Turtle and a Coatl.

These creatures are extremely fierce, but can be used as riding beasts if hand reared. Consequently eggs or hatchlings are very valuable.[1a]

Many of the Skink fighters who defend the Skink Priests that still attend the Great Pyramid of Oyxl have mastered the Culchan, patrolling far from the city upon their unusual mounts.[4b][5a]

Some explorers have claimed that the Culchan also provide vicious mounts for the warriors of the Amazon Sisterhood.[3a]


  • Culchan Miniature (2nd Edition)


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