Crown of Sorcery

The Crown of Sorcery fashioned into the war-helm of Azhag the Slaughterer

The Crown of Sorcery is an ancient relic that belonged to the Liche Lord Nagash. It is said that those who wear it are assailed by shadows of the Liche Lord's own dark thoughts. Within five minutes of putting it on, it will begin to grow into the wearer's skull. Unless it is removed by someone with surgery, the wearer will be killed by any attempt to remove it.[1a]

The Crown of Sorcery allows its wearer to cast any necromantic spell, whether or not the character is a spell-user. There is no direct cost, but each time the crown is used, the wearer is overcome by the dark brooding thoughts of the ancient Liche Lord. Eventually, the wearer is completely overcome by the power of the Crown, goes insane and sets off for the Land of the Dead, far to the south of the Badlands, seeking more dark knowledge. Such a wearer will go into a frenzy at anyone trying to stop them and can only be stopped by having the crown removed.[1a]

Known Wearers


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