Crossed Clubs

The Crossed Clubs are a tribe within the Ogre Kingdoms, known for its large contingent of mercenaries and their outlandish fibbery. Every tribe produces Maneaters, those far-ranging Ogres who have fought in many lands. The Crossed Clubs tribe, however, is infamous not only for the sheer number of its Ogres who have fought as mercenaries, but also for the prodigious lies the veteran can shovel out (making much of their renown dubious at best). While many Ogres bear battle scars, the presence of so many hard-fighting veterans in the Crossed Clubs ensure the tribe is full of Ogres with hook hands, eye patches, peg legs and the like. Add to this the outlandish wargear collected from the four corners of the world, such as turbans from Araby, shell-tipped clubs from the coasts, or enormous lizard skull helmets from the Southlands, and the Crossed Clubs are unsurprisingly one of the most disparate and unusual looking of all Ogre tribes.[1a]


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