The Crossbow is the next step in bow design, developed from the early Tilean bolt throwers called bellybows. By incorporating a mechanical framework for launching arrows, crossbows fire with greater force than their normal bow counterparts. To draw back the bolt, the archer must use a winch, crank, or even apply raw force to the firing mechanism, which takes time and effort, commodities not normally available on the battlefield. This makes them somewhat clumsy to use. However, in exchange, crossbowmen have an advantage in that their bolts deal heavy damage to their opponents.[1a]

Crossbow quality varies considerably. Most are shoddily constructed in order to keep the price low and make the weapon available to regiments for the Empire's forces. As a result, most crossbows consist of not much more than a wooden stock, and few have the necessary crank to pull the string back for firing. Better crossbows, such as those made in Nuln, have steel winches that turn relatively easily, allowing archers to reload faster. The finest crossbows feature stylized stocks, incorporating images of griffons, dragons, and other fantastic beasts.[1a]


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