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Crazy Spider and Squatting troll

Crazy Spider and Squatting Troll.

Crazy Spider (originally Skummy) was a Forest Goblin Warlord who formed a coalition between Savage Orc and Forest Goblin tribes and rallied them against the Empire prospectors trespassing into their territories.[1a]


Throughout the many histories that have been written of the Empire, there are great tales told of valiant victories, of heroes standing against impossible odds - tales of great leaders such as Sigmar and Magnus the Pious. However, if you delve deep enough, amongst the dustiest corners of the most run-down libraries of Altdorf, you might just find a story that many would rather be forgotten, for defeat does not rest well in the hearts of those brought up in the Reik. The story concerns a man by the name of General Schuster and a Forest Goblin called Crazy Spider.[1a]

Reports had been reaching Altdorf of a force of Goblins and Orcs led by Crazy Spider, who'd been raiding the small mining settlements on the outermost borders of the Empire. General Schuster was the commander of one of the forces sent to deal with this growing threat.[1a]

Prospectors from the outlying provinces of the Empire had been getting braver (or greedier) in their search for precious minerals and metals. They had begun to delve deeper and deeper into lands that would once have been considered too dangerous, due to their high Orc and Goblin population. This was annoying the Greenskins to no end, who resolved to rid themselves of this human threat. Two Forest Goblins in particular were at the forefront of this movement - the Warlord Crazy Spider and the Shaman Squatting Troll.[1a]

When Crazy Spider was young, he had seen a vision after eating a particularly large, colourful (and tasty) spider. He had seen himself as a great warrior, riding across battlefields on the back of a Giant Spider, dodging the bolts and arrows of all his foes. He immediately changed his name (which was previously Skummy) and set out to prove himself in combat. He rapidly became one of the few Forest Goblins to ever earn the title of Warlord, gaining the respect of Orcs and Goblins alike.[1a]

Although Squatting Troll was not a great warrior, he was a great leader and a powerful Shaman. It was on his shoulders that the responsibility fell when the Forest Goblins needed guidance.[1a]

Between them, Crazy Spider and Squatting Troll had managed to band together all the local tribes of both Savage Orcs and Forest Goblins, forcing them to put aside their own petty animosity for long enough to drive out the Empire prospectors.[1a]

An initial force of Empire troops had been dispatched to guard the prospectors, but this force had been ambushed and routed easily by the Savage Orc and Forest Goblin coalition. It was as a result of this that a larger army, under the command of General Schuster, had been sent to locate the Orc and Goblin camp from which they were launching their attacks, and destroy it totally.[1a]

Being an arrogant man, the Empire General overestimated his abilities, believing that the very sight of his forces in all their splendour would send the barbarians running for their lives. Splitting his forces in two, Schuster struck when the bulk of the Greenskins were out on a raid. Unfortunately for them, Squatting Troll had foreseen the battle and with the aid of an unusally bright group of River Trolls, the Greenskins were able to easily rout the Imperials into retreating to a more defensive position. It was at this moment that Crazy Spider and his forces returned from a raid and came barrelling over the ridge of the hill behind Schuster's Imperial forces. According to Greenskin legends, only a single horse survived the ensuing slaughter.


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