Situated on the easternmost side of the Taalbaston, Crater Lake is a small stretch of crystal clear water. Reputed to possess both healing and fertility powers, it is also rumoured to be bottomless, and indeed any attempts to plumb its depths have turned up no results. The water of the lake is considered blessed by Taal—some consider it his tears—and is used by his Priests to bless amulets and relics. While unusually pure, the actual healing properties of the water are unknown; although, conmen and quack doctors often sell it as a cure-all to the unwitting masses. Priests of Taal consider this a gross blasphemy and severely punish anyone that they discover selling the sacred waters.[1a]

South of the Crater Lake stretches the Crater Marsh—a broad meandering wetland that flows up to the vaulting walls of the Taalbaston. It is a favoured nesting place for ducks, geese, and other game birds, making it an ideal hunting spot for those nobles with permits.[1a]


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