The Hammer of Sigmar.[1]

Conrad Gottschalk, known as the "Hammer of Sigmar", was a mighty Warrior Priest of the Empire.


The followers of Sigmar Heldenhammer who employ both words and steel are known as Warrior Priests. The martial prowess of these formidable warriors is second only to their unquenchable faith in Sigmar; faith which has the power to inspire their comrades in arms, and turn the tide of battle from utter route to total victory. A Warrior Priest embodies unshakeable courage, honour, and faith, standing against the enemies of the Empire wherever they are found. For Conrad Gottschalk, 'Hammer of Sigmar' there could be no other life.[1]

The third son of a prominent Altdorf family, young Conrad was more given to quoting the strictures of Sigmar than engaging in the questionable games of youth. Not all of his childhood was given to seriousness, however. His brothers quickly learned that engaging in certain activities could rouse Conrad to a quivering fury. This inevitably led to the severe beating of said brothers and Conrad's entrance into martial training far earlier than anyone had expected. Conrad approaches battle with righteous fury. His ability to draw upon the Divine Light of Sigmar protects his allies from harm while his prayer of devotion is something upon which his compatriots have come to depend.[1]


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