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The original Company of the Comet was founded in 1999 IC by men of Mordheim who survived their city’s destruction by a twin-tailed comet. They considered themselves dead men already, cursed as their city was cursed. They never took on new recruits. The company fought until its last member was killed in battle. Minstrels and generations of drunken roustabouts found this stony fatalism romantic and it was enshrined in the epic poem “Two Tails of Doom” some time in the 23rd century.[1a]

When Helmut Balck was putting together a new mercenary company, he revived the name to both honour the memory of the slain and appeal to the Sigmar worshippers in Stirland. His own dedication to Myrmidia was something he only shared with his officers. Egon Rothstein has followed suit.[1a]

The company is based in Wurtbad, the capital of Stirland. It has a depot outside the city, where new recruits are trained and wounded men can convalesce. While the main part of the company is often away campaigning, the support staff remains. A special squad of bodyguards also stays on station in Wurtbad. These highly trained specialists are rented out to visiting dignitaries. They have an excellent reputation amongst the nobles who come to Wurtbad to take the waters. They provide valuable intelligence to Captain Rothstein and thus the Knights of Magritta.[1a]


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