Colossal Squig-0

A Colossal Squig ready to devour a lone knight.[1a]

Colossal Squigs are the biggest Squigs known to exist.[1a]


The strange, improbable and often quite insane creatures known as Squigs are weird half-fungoid, half-flesh beasts that breed and multiply in symbiosis with the greenskins, a brutal and warlike species which includes the Orcs and the Goblins. Within the mountainous regions of the world, the greenskin tribes known as Night Goblins by those with the misfortune to have suffered their predations, are particularly adept at the husbandry of these twisted monsters, keeping them deep within the caves and tunnels in which the light-shunning Goblins have their lairs. Squigs range in size from small creatures the size of cats up through the bestial hunting Squig and the Great Cave Squigs the Night Goblins use as dangerous and unstable war beasts, to the feared Mangler Squigs goaded into battle to devour the enemy wholesale, but none of these match the sheer size of the Colossal Squigs said to inhabit the depths of the Grey Mountains and the Vaults. These spherical monsters are of staggering size and possess insatiable appetite, no more in essence than impossibly large, fleshy maw studded with row after row of scimitar bladed teeth.[1a]

These beasts are near-impossible to direct, let alone train, and the Night Goblin Shaman must resort to drugged meat (often live and unfortunate Goblins from their tribe) to make them barely manageable, or hugely potent spells powerful enough to overcome the barely conscious instincts that propel these behemoths on a path through the underworld eating any tasty morsel, regardless of shape and size, that crosses their path.[1a]


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