The Collegium Theologica was founded in 1762 IC to train students for the priesthood of Ulric, and to promote the study and dissemination of the cult's religious writings. Since then, its scope has broadened into just about every field of study and it ranks among the foremost centres of learning in the Old World.[1a]

However, it lacks an Imperial charter granting it the official status of a university, and this fact rankles with Middenheimers. A diplomatic and political campaign has long been under way to gain a charter for the Collegium, but some attribute its lack of success to religious prejudice, pointing out that the Universities of Altdorf and Nuln are sponsored by the Imperial family and the priesthood of Sigmar.[1a]

Nonetheless, the Collegium Theologica—known simply as "the college," as if there were only one in the world—is proud of its independence, and its library is one of the finest in the Old World. Most students enroll in a three-year residential course of study, which costs 50 gc per year: this is just for tuition, though, and once the cost of books, equipment, materials, and even modest living expenses are added, the total can easily reach 200 gc per year. Many students live far beyond their means, especially where food and drink are concerned.[1a]


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