"The nobles of the Druchii ride to battle atop ancient reptiles known as Cold Ones. Only very few of us can take up the arms of the Cold One Knights, for the lizards savagely attack all who come near them, recognising warm-blooded creatures by their smelt To avoid this the cold One Knights anoint themselves with the poisonous slime of the Cold Ones so the beasts will accept them. Mere is a great price to pay though, for the poison numbs the senses so that the riders can no longer taste food or feel a touch. But it is a price worth paying, for the charge of the Cold One cavalry can shatter even the strongest enemy line."
Furion of Clar Karond.[2a]
Dark elf cold one rider

A Cold One Knight victorious in battle.

Cold One Knights count themselves amongst the finest warriors in Naggaroth. They are nobles of great wealth and ambition, whose warrior instincts elevate them far beyond the upstart cavalrymen of lesser races.


The Cold Knights' weapons are the finest that can be bought in the great cities: long swords enchanted in such a manner as to never lose their edge, and tall lances sharp enough to pierce the hide of a Dragon. Their mounts, too, are superior to those of other lands; no horse, no matter how well-trained or carefully bred, could ever hope to match the savagery of a Naggarothi Cold One.[1a]

It is a daring Dark Elf who takes a Cold One for a steed, for the lizards savagely attack all who come near them, recognising warm-blooded creatures as prey by the smell alone. This is dangerous in itself, and no few strutting nobles have been savaged by their own mounts, much to the amusement of their rivals. To avoid this, the Dark Elf must anoint himself repeatedly with the Cold One's own foul-smelling slime so that the beast will accept him. There is a great price to pay for the Dark Elf, though, for the fumes of this noxious balm are extremely potent, burning the nostrils, numbing the skin and destroying taste-buds, so that the rider can no longer smell or taste food, or feel a lover's touch. So it is that a Cold One is not only a fearsome war-mount, but also a declaration of bravery and ambition on the part of the knight. For many Dark Elves, this heavy price is considered one worth paying, for in doing so a warrior proves his dedication to the Witch King and can earn great political as well as physical reward.[1a]

A fully armed and armoured Cold One Knight carries a long lance known as a Kheitain (Soul Eater), wears a reinforced helm and full-length armour, and on his arm is slung a shield carrying the device of his house. Though they are few in number, the charge of the Cold One Knights is a decisive weapon which can win the battle at a crucial moment.[2a]


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