"It is a symbol of great prestige to ride into battle upon the magnificent chariots of Naggaroth. These are given as gifts to warriors who have pleased our lord Malekith with their devotion, bravery and prowess in battle. Accompanied by the roars of the Cold Ones and the thunder of wheels across the battlefield, a chariot smashing into the enemy is a sight magnificent to behold. Until recently the Witch King himself rode to battle in such fashion and, although in his wisdom our King has now renounced his decree for the Great Reclamation of our homeland, he once ruled that only he and no other was worthy of such a mount."
Furion of Clar Karond.[2a]
Warhammer Cold One Chariot

The charge of the Cold One Chariot.

Cold One Chariots are sometimes given as gifts to those rare knights who have pleased Lord Malekith with their devotion and prowess in battle.


To possess such a machine is a symbol of great prestige, and is ranked amongst the highest stations in battle, even though the Cold Ones' truculent nature can often bring the chariot to a jarring halt at the most inopportune moments.[1a]

Should the crew retain mastery of their chariot, they thunder across the battlefield like gods of war, wicked spears leveled and Cold Ones roaring fit to freeze the blood. In the last moment before impact, the crew goad their steeds to one last effort and the chariot crashed into the enemy ranks, crushing foes with the weight of its impact and opening flesh to the bone with the blades upon its flanks.[1a]


  • Cold One Chariot Invasion Card


  • 8th Edition.
  • 6th Edition.
  • 6th Edition.
  • 3rd Edition.


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