Coffee made its first inroads into the Old World from Araby. It quickly became popular in Tilea but failed to gain a foothold in the Empire proper. It has long been too expensive, and those who've sampled it can’t abide the taste. But in recent years, Nulner aristocrats have experimented with this beverage as a showy display of their wealth. According to the Arabyans, the best coffee is that which is harvested from the leavings of the qahwa ferret, a strange creature who eats the berries, but passes the bean in its dung. The beans are then roasted, ground, and boiled, producing a hot beverage with a rich smoky taste that only those with the most discerning palates can appreciate. Note, coffee is still quite expensive in the Empire, selling for 33 gc a pound, though prices in Tilea are far lower, about 15 gc a pound.[1a]


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