Warhammer Coatl

A Skink riding a mighty Coatl.

The Coatl is one of the rarest creatures to be found within the continent of Lustria.


Sporting a long, sinuous, snake-like body, a dragon's head and massive feathered wings, the Coatl is more than an unlikely accident of evolution. The Coatl are highly intelligent, and are powerful magic-users. They are said to have the power to alter the jungle around them to draw invaders away from the places in which they dwell, and into the leech-infested swamps surrounding them.

The Coatl are said to be a manifestation of the Old One Tepok, and are venerated by the Skink Priests as sacred creatures of the air, magic and of places of power. The Coatl are sometimes seen as messengers of the gods, beseeched when a sacred site is under threat that the power of the Old Ones will be granted to the Lizardmen. When the Coatl attack, they rarely leave any witnesses. Those few who have lived to tell the tale speak of a terrible force of nature that is able to call upon the ancient mystical power that permeates the jungle. The Coatl appears from the skies upon a thunderous wind, churning the jungle canopy and stirring the undergrowth to a frenzy. The skies darken and the jungle shifts, and the invaders are soon hopelessly disoriented, lost within a swirling maelstrom of magical aspect.


  •  The Coatl is based on the Mesoamerican god "Quetzacoatl" which literally translates to "Feathered Serpent".
  • The Lizardmen City of Quetza also derives its name from this god.
  • In older editions of the Lore, the Lizardmen god Tepok was called Quetzacoatl, hence why the creature is said to be their manifestation.


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