Clotilde de Roelef, 47, is the only female director other than the High Priestess of Shallya. She is also the matriarch of the de Roelef family, the only family of the Wasteland's old nobility to succeed in business. She and her extended family still live in their ancient mansion in Oudgeldwijk and are the de facto speakers for the old nobility who exist there in genteel poverty. Sheis unmarried and continues to spurn all suitors, even Jaan van de Kuypers himself. A hard-nosed businesswoman, Clotilde earned her seat on the Directorate fourteen years ago when House Akkerman collapsed in scandal, seven of its elders revealed as Slaanesh cultists.[1a]

She is a friend to Arkat Fooger, and is considering joining him in his new insurance brokerage.[1b]


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