The centre of the Schmutzplatz square is marked by a tall clock tower. Once grand, it was bequeathed by local merchants many years ago when the area was more prosperous. The clock tower has long since fallen into disrepair and ruin, a testament to how far the neighbourhood has fallen. The ground floor is stone, and the next four storeys are half-timbered. They taper upwards precariously. The structure looks like it might come down if someone sneezes.[1a]

The clock faces at the top face out at the cardinal points but are all smashed and broken, as is the clock mechanism. The clock depicts Mannslieb and Morrslieb in different configurations, lending a certain astrological or otherworldly undertone to the structure.[1a]

At the base of the clock tower is a stone fountain, now little more than a trough. The centrepiece of the fountain used to be a stone carving of a griffon. All that survives are the griffon’s torso and his taloned claws. The water has long since stopped flowing. Now, it catches rain water, which is enough to make it a regular stopping point for the animals of the area, especially the birds. There is a dedication to Taal carved along the base of the trough which is now covered in grime, but it can be made out, “Drink deeply of my riches for it brings life.” Suffice it to say some sort of rich life is floating in the trough, but no one would really want to drink deeply of it.[1a]


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