Cloak of Feathers

Cloak of Feathers

The finely woven Cloak of Feathers is made from hundreds of shed feathers gathered over the centuries from one of the most rare creatures to inhabit Lustria — the mysterious Coatl. These fabled monsters sport long, sinuous, serpentine bodies, Dragon-like heads and massive feathered wings. They are said to be the manifestation of the Old One Tepok, and are venerated by Skink Priests as guardians of the air, magic and sacred places. The Coatl are highly intelligent and powerful mages, and a portion of that mystic power infuses every shed feather. The Cloak of Feathers thus shimmers with a power that not only wards away evil sorcery, but allows the wearer to soar into the air whenever he extends his arms.[1a]


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