"Show him a battle and he will hurl men at it until it is won, regardless of the cost."
Kaspar von Velten to Kurt Bremen.[1a]

Nicknamed "Killer Clemenz", the Empire General Clemenz Spitzaner of Nuln was originally an officer under Kaspar von Velten during the Ambassador's time in the army, having been forced to keep him around due to Clemenz's family wealth. A competent enough soldier, the man lacked in humility, with no sense that he owed it to his men to try and bring back as many as he could alive. When Kaspar retired, Spitzaner assumed that, as ranking officer, he would take over, but Kaspar was adamant not to let him have it, instead promoting a more competent but junior officer by the name of Hoffman. Elector Countess Emmanuelle von Liebwitz' father, the reigning Count of Nuln at the time, agreed with Kaspar, and thus Spitzaner left, purchasing a commission in a Talabecland regiment, his money helping to grease his ascension up the promotions ladder.[1a]

By 2522 IC, Spitzaner was a man in his early forties, yet appeared much younger thanks to a life free of vice and loose living that so typified much of the Empire's nobility. His thin face was sallow and angular, described as being as though his bones pressed too tightly against his skin, whilst his eyes were a pale shade of green. When he found out that he would be meeting Kaspar at the gates of Kislev, he made a point of arriving not in the practical furs and quilted jerkin, but in a parade of ridiculous finery, prompting the ambassador to wonder how long he had forced his army to wait out of view of the capital, just to change into said-finery. The last time the two had met was in 2512, at the Countess-elector's ball.[1a]

Despite his faults, Spitzaner knows how to mobilize an army with commendable speed,[1b] and during the campaign in Kislev proved both competent and solid in leading his soldiers.[1c]

Clemenz' personal heraldry consists of a scarlet griffon rampant on a golden background, surrounded by a laurel wreath and decorated with numerous scrolls and trailing prayer pennants.[1a]


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