"Well, sir, I do know where you can get some lanterns at a low price. Its my uncle, sir, he hasn't had the heart for business since my poor aunt died of the scrofulous quinsy, and he's selling up all his business, poor man. No, sir, he doesn't care for folk to visit his shop, so black is his mood after his tragic loss. Meet me at Haagens Wharf in two hours and you shall have your lanterns."
Claudia Kitsch, Street Thief[1a]
Claudia Kilsch

Claudia Kilsch

Claudia is 14 years old, although she can look a couple of years younger or older as she wishes. She usually has dirty brown hair, close-cropped, her eyes are blue-grey and she has somewhat sallow skin. She is pretty after a fashion, but with a hard edge.[1a]

Claudia is the oldest of the Captains, and acts as a combination elder sister and foster mother to the rest, who range in age from five to twelve. She's very wise in the ways of the streets of Suiddock and Kruiersmuur and doesn't tolerate fools - she robs them. She's also very firm in her loyalties and convictions: the other Captains are her family, the ghost of Wim Masaryk is her friend, and woe betide any fool who harms any of them.[1a]


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