Clar Karond, the Tower of Doom, serves as the Witch King's chief shipyard, for it is here that the keels are laid for many thousands of raiding vessels.


This is a more sprawling city than others in Naggaroth, stretching from the banks of the Redvenom River up into the trackless pine forests of the Duskridge. It is from these ancient woodlands that the Dark Elves harvest the black timber from which they build their sleek-hulled warships. The Naggarothi do not perform this work themselves, of course, for such labours are considered well beneath them, but instead set thousands of slaves to the task.[1a]

As the woodlands receded, their hearts torn out by hooked chains or consumed by dark fire, the ever-expanding streets of Clar Karond have spilled into the gap. Year by year, the city swells further, having grown fat on the labours of its slaves and despoliation of the surrounding land. Once, there was but one great tower looking over the Redvenom River; now the Duskridge bristles with jagged minarets. With each wave of expansion, new ramparts have been raised not only to protect the city as a whole, but also to defend each tower from its neighbours.[1a]

As a result, Clar Karond's streets are tangled and mazelike, marred by half-collapsed buildings, severed concourses, and entire districts buried forever as newer and more impressive fortifications are raised. Clar Karond is also famed for its Beastmasters. It was here, many long centuries ago, that the knights of Hag Graef bought the first Cold Ones to be broken, and much later, that the ferocious Kharibdyss of the deeps were bent to the Dark Elves' will. Now, Manticore pens, Harpy cages and other enclosures are as common in Clar Karond as the temples of Khaine. Both are outnumbered by the pelt-draped shrines of Anath Raema, for the goddess of the savage hunt has ever been the patron of Beastmasters. Thus, when the armies of Clar Karond go to war, they do so in Anath Raema's name, driving her savage children before them to break the enemy lines with tooth and claw.[1a]


  • Warhammer: Invasion card
  • Clar Karon banner


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