Warhammer Clan Vrrtkin Banner

Banner of Clan Vrrtkin

Clan Vrrtkin have been the thralls of Clan Skryre ever since the Second Great Civil War, pledging their armies in return for power and eventually a lair of their own. Armed with hundreds of Poisoned Wind Globadiers and Mortar weapon teams, Clan Vrrtkin led many assaults and gassed many rival lairs. Indeed, such is their predilection to exterminating Skaven warrens with the deadly vapours, that the glass orb is often displayed on the clan's banners, warning enemies (and allies) not to stray too close. Unsurprisingly, the most sought-after item in Clan Vrrtkin is a gas mask. These inevitably go to the toughest warlords and Stormvermin first, with weaker Skaven fighting for what damaged and faulty equipment is left over. Most clanrats have to suffice with a urine-soaked bandage tied around their snout or else stuff rags up their nose to protect them should the direction of the wind change mid-battle.[1a]

The banners and clothes of the warriors of Clan Vrrtkin tend to be a toxic green colour, the same as the emerald clouds of choking gas contained within their beloved poisoned wind globes.[1b] The engineers that drive Clan Vrrtkin's Doomwheels are notoriously unreliable, due in no small part to their fume-addled stupor. They regularly careen out of control, crushing friend and foe alike beneath their immense bulk.[1c]


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