Clan Volkn

Banner of Clan Volkn.

Clan Volkn dwells in fortress warrens carved deep into the searing heart of Fire Mountain.


Clan Volkn is led by the so called Molten Warlord, Moltskin Searflesh, who commonly sells out the clan's services to the highest bidder. All clan members are branded upon birth and its warriors dye their fur a bright red. The warriors of Clan Volkn bear blades of shiny black obsidian, mined deep beneath their volcanic lairs. The Stormvermin and Warlords of Clan Volkn even incorporate this material into their armour, inscribing it with runes that glow red with an infernal heat. Clan Volkn's banners typically display icons and markings on a background of lava, flames, or else upon an image of an erupting volcano. Unsurprisingly, Clan Volkn breeds many pyromaniacs and the clan is known for its fondness of Warpfire Throwers. As a result, many of Volkn's warriors are covered in soot stains, scorched fur and scar-tissue.[1a]


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